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3 Magic Bedtime Questions

For many people, during their working age, the entire life becomes oiled up to a well-planned routine. They wake up, go to work, come back and sleep and the same thing repeats every day. That’s why you would someday ask yourself, “How did I get old so fast?”. The human mind has a habit called deletion, anything which repeats over and over again, it doesn’t record in memory since there is no use. And we have to learn to slow down our experience of time and save it from slipping in a flash.

The answer is to develop mindfulness. It is a much heightened state of awareness where you are aware of your feelings, thoughts and actions. But it’s hard to get there so instead, you can practice by asking you these three magical bed time questions.

As you lie in bed at night, ask and answer these three questions before you fall asleep:

1. What is one thing I am grateful for today?
2. What do I look forward to tomorrow?
3. What would I like to dream about tonight?

Well these questions are simple yet magical. The first question makes you think of one thing to be grateful about the day you had. While doing that, you do not only find a reason to be grateful, but you also recall your entire day, what we call as recapping experience in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The idea is to recap each memory you had each day as the day itself, not as a large clump as my entire working years, 20-50 years old memories.

The second question drives your mind to look forward for something about tomorrow. It creates anticipation and drive and when you wake up the next day, it’s the first thing that pops in to your mind.

The third deals with your innermost desires, something you really wish you did or had and it clears out the direction and the purpose of your life.

When you ask yourself these three magical questions, you will remember more about your life and you’ll cherish more. Life would slow down and in your routine, you will find interesting events to live for.

I recommend you read ‘Mindfulness In Plain English’, by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana where in clear language, this Sri Lankan shows you how to develop mindfulness through practicing Vipassana Meditation. An insightful and well-written book.

3 Simple Tools For Time Management

Time management and skill training has no hard and fast rules. But these few tools which are inexpensive and easy can help you with tracking, planning and organizing your time effectively and with fewer burdens.

Time Monitor Journal- this can be used to keep track of how you use your own time and identify the key areas of change in your routines. A journal can be either digital or traditional and a readymade journal can save you a lot of time by already taking care of prior recording activities.

Planner- this is a great way to keep notes, record goals, keeps track of your appointments. Available in both media, digital and traditional formats, this is a must have for any organized individual, who are working towards their targets.

When selecting a planner it should have enough room to keep track of your daily goals and appointments but also be small enough for you to carry it out anywhere you do.

Organizer- When you are managing projects or several projects together, these can be useful. These too are available in both digital and traditional media.